Debora Arango. Permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art Medellin. MAMM

Debora Arango (Medellin 1907-Envigado 2005) fue una pintora expresionista y acuarelista colombiana. Transgresora en su pintura abordó la crítica social y política además ser la primera pintora colombiana en pintar desnudos femeninos.

Debora Arango  (November 11, 1907 – December 4, 2005) was a Colombian artist, born in Medellin, Colombia , as the daughter of Castor María Arango Díaz and Elvira Pérez. Though she was primarily a painter, Arango also worked in other media, such as ceramics and graphic art. Throughout her career, Arango used her artwork to explore many politically charged and controversial issues, her subjects ranging from nude women to the role of the Roman Catholic Church to dictatorships.

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